Lincoln Targets Competition in New Ad Campaign

By | October 09, 2013
In order to revive its sluggish sales, Lincoln has resorted to taking cheap shots at its competitors in its recently launched ad campaign. This doesn't come as much of a surprise, but in the first commercial Lincoln pits its MKZ Hybrid against the Lexus ES, one of its biggest competitors. Lincoln plans to highlight its most appealing features against other vehicles in the segment, but will these advertisements be enough to revive the struggling luxury brand? The automaker believes that by focusing on one nameplate per advertisement, it can better connect with potential buyers. "These are definitely more pointed and tactical in their nature. We've tried to make spots that display some rational proof points for Lincoln," said Jon Pearce, executive vice president and chief creative officer of Hudson Rouge, Lincoln's ad agency, in a recent interview.
Each ad will feature one of Lincoln's products as well as a competitor; the setup is that the cars themselves are being be interviewed by a couple. Both vehicles respond through text above them. The Lincoln model will answer all questions, while competitors shy away from a response. This campaign has been launched to improve sales of the luxury brand, which are down 6.3 percent through September, even though the recently-launched MKZ has continued to break monthly sales records. These advertisements will span all media outlets, including radio, television, print and digital until the end of the year. Source: Detroit News