Photo of the Day: Location Location Location

By | October 03, 2013
Long Beach tends to find itself on my shot list pretty often. With an Audi RS5 convertible to shoot, it was an easy decision to take a little drive south to snap a few shots of such a striking car. Usually in Long Beach I have a certain area that I like to focus on in order to find a specific location to shoot. Down near the docks is where I like to start. There are two things I am always aware of when shooting down there. The first, and most important, is that usually businesses don’t like people taking pictures of their facilities, even if their just in the background and out of focus, no means no when it comes to security. It’s always best to call and ask for permission, but it’s usually a no without a permit.  After many shoots in the Long Beach area I’ve learned where I can and cannot shoot. The second thing I’m always aware of is that the scenery/backgrounds are always changing. With the Long Beach port being the second busiest port in the country, equipment and goods are constantly coming and going to my benefit.  There are all sorts of big open lots down there filled with an array of industrial equipment, and every time I make the drive there is always something new, either a new piece of equipment or, in this case, a pile of massive rusted pipes. This lot is usually open and I’ve never had a problem here in terms of being asked to leave. Most of the time this lot would have large storage containers about three stories tall in a multitude of colors, but on this day it was a little different.  Next time who knows what will be there,  All I do know is that we have vehicles that need to be photographed and I know where to take them.