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Looking At Lagging Sales, Lincoln Lessens Leases Early

By Blake Z. Rong | October 11, 2012
Is the love affair gone with your Lincoln? Well, Ford is giving you a way out, divorce papers for your car, if you will. If you are leasing a Lincoln product, you can get out of your lease up to six months early, and, Ford hopes, get behind the wheel of a brand-new Lincoln, such as a 2012 MKZ. Lincoln wants this to clear out current inventory to make way for the next crop of MKZ sedans, in particular, as well as boosting the brand's slipping sales. Lincoln lost 3.1 percent in sales this past September compared to last month, a modest loss following a slight boost in August. The offer also extends to Mercury lessees, who have scraped by unloved and tarnished since 2011. Since there haven't been new Mercury products since it went to the Great Parking Lot In The Sky, Ford understandably wants owners to spring for an entry-level Lincoln to stay in the family. Mercury was originally founded as a "junior Lincoln," back when Lincolns were vehicles of true extravagance and the gulf between an expensive Ford and a cheap Lincoln was a void worthy of filling. Since Lincoln has come down to touch all but the smallest Ford, this historical footnote makes even more sense. Source: Detroit News