Lotus Adds Sequential Automatic Transmission To The Evora S

By Blake Z. Rong | October 24, 2012
As befitting a grand tourer, sometimes you just want to give your legs a rest. Think of the Evora S as the luxury liner of Lotus's lineup, which doesn't say much for either element. But that's where it fits in, and that's why a paddle-shiftable automatic transmission makes sense. The Evora S now gets what Lotus calls its "Intelligent Precision Shift," a six-speed automatic with four different modes, allowing for fully-automatic control or shifting only via paddle shifters. Various Sport modes are also included, as is the custom with sporting automobiles, as well as a Sport Pack available on 6-speed and automatic cars that includes bigger brakes and, frankly, more loudness. Previously, only the naturally-aspirated Evora received the option of an automatic. But those looking for more power and more paddle-shifty goodness will be able to option their supercharged Evora S with the IPS automatic.
The Evora starts at $66,800; more, if you want real seats in the back (but why you would is a mystery). The S and its 345-horsepower supercharged engine starts at $77,100. Source: Lotus