Lotus Evora spied on upcoming James Bond movie

By Automotive Staff | March 10, 2010
Pictures of a James Bond style Lotus Evora cruising around in the French Alps have recently come to our attention. According to Allison P., the auto-enthusiast who spied the car: ā€œIā€™m just on a skiing holiday now in Chamonix in the French Alps and have seen loads of commotion around a film set. I watched an action scene being filmed with tons of crew and paparazzi swarming! I especially noticed a flashy new Lotus Evora being used in the filming. Is there any way that this could be for the new James Bond film?ā€
There has been some speculation to what this car is doing in the Alps. One theory is that it really is the new James Bond car, while others think that it is just part of a new James Bond-themed ad campaign from Lotus while others just think the car belongs to a guy with a lot of money and is in desperate need of attention. Whatever it is, one thing is certain: it looks cool. via Carscoop