Man Buys Tesla Model S with Bitcoins

By | December 09, 2013
Apparently, if you don't have enough real money laying around in your bank account for that new Tesla, there are people out there who will sell you one for Bitcoins. A Lamborghini dealership in Costa Mesa, California, sold an ever-so-slightly used Tesla Model S, and has said that they will accept this form of payment for future car purchases. What exactly is a Bitcoin, anyway? This is a new form of currency, completely electronic, and open to the public. According to a statement posted on the Lamborghini Newport Beach dealership's website, "Bitcoin, a fully encrypted and fully digital currency, has been used by a recent client of ours to pay for a Tesla Model S Performance we had in our inventory. That's right, an electronic currency was used to purchase a fully electric vehicle." The Bitcoin was introduced back in 2010, but back then, the value was around a few cents. Today, Bitcoins are worth around $1,000. The fact that the Lamborghini dealership accepted the coins on their own merit and didn't ask for them to be exchanged into another form of currency is a big deal. Other car dealers and vendors have ignored the fluctuation of the currency's value as it can so easily be converted back into dollars.
So is the dealer out of its mind? Is this the wave of the future? Are you going to start using Bitcoins for major purchases? Tell us in the comments section below. Source: Yahoo! Finance