Marchionne Issuing Bonuses a Month Early for Chrysler Employees

By Trevor Dorchies | February 07, 2012
Since coming to terms on an agreement five months ago, Chrysler and the United Auto Worker's union have been able to work so well together,  the pentastar's workers are being rewarded for their duties with an early payday. Chrysler is coming off its first net profit ($183 million) in fifteen years and also posted an operating profit of almost $2 billion, something the Detroit-based auto maker hasn't done since 2005. Therefore, Fiat and Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne has decided to issue hourly employees their bonus checks a few months early. In an email obtained by The Detroit News from Marchionne to employees, bonus checks will be issued a month earlier than expected. Bonus checks are usually cut in March, but because Chrysler is riding a wave of success, Marchionne decided to speed that process up a little bit, and we can imagine his workers are thankful. "In 2011, we demonstrated that outstanding results can be achieved when we bring together clear objectives, strong motivation, and enormous passion," said Marchionne in the email. "Therefore, it is my pleasure to recognize you with this payment, which reflects the collective achievement of our company's performance and your personal contributions in 2011."
Employees can expect a check for $1500 before taxes and union dues coming to them in the near future. UAW members are required to pay a monthly due that’s equivalent to two hours of pay or 1.15 percent of a month's pay for salaried workers. While Marchionne wasn't short on praise for his employees in the decision to issue the bonus checks early, he isn't expecting production and quality to slip. "It took an incredible team effort to bring about such remarkable results, and you should be proud," Marchionne said in the email to the United Auto Workers Monday. "Significant progress can be accomplished when we work together and our goals are aligned." Do you think Chrysler is doing the right thing issuing bonus checks a month early? Will it hurt or help overall morale? Tell us what you think in the comment section below! Source: The Detroit News