Maserati Adding Smaller Quattroporte with a Diesel Engine

By Trevor Dorchies | February 08, 2012
Many auto makers are adding a diesel engine option to its lineup and apparently the one percent deserves a diesel alternative too. Maserati will be offering a smaller Quattroporte (nicknamed the "Maseratina" for the time being) powered by a diesel engine responsible for over 300 horsepower. A V-6 gasoline engine with direct injection and twin turbos will all be available for the baby Quattroporte. The diesel engine will be a first for the Italian auto maker who caters to the rich and affluent. Expected to arrive in 2013 the Maseratina will be around 16 feet long and is slated to compete against the BMW M5 and the Mercedes-Benz S-class. The Maseratina is expected to be comparable to its German foes in space, equipment, and advanced driver assistance systems. The smaller Quattroporte is an exercise in expansion for Maserati as it expands its lineup to five models. The lineup expansion includes the all-new Kubang SUV, the Maseratina, the bigger Quattroporte, a coupe, and the convertible. Maserati hopes that with more offerings will bring in more profit.
"We want to sell 54,000 cars in four years," said Maserati CEO Harald Webster in a recent interview with Auto Bild. That figure is four times the amount of product Maserati currently moves. The Kubang SUV unveiled at the North American International Auto Show last month is set to go into production and shares the same platform and other technology. The Kubang is expected to utilize a Ferrari engine that will put out over 500 horsepower. Maserati has also made no secret that the Kubang's sole competitor is Porsche's ever-stalwart Cayenne SUV. Do you think Maserati can compete with the likes of BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Porsche on a larger scale? Tell us what you think in the comment section below. Source: Auto Bild