Maserati brings Italian Catwalk to Frankfurt, GranCabrio Fendi Debut

By Matthew Askari | August 24, 2011
Maserati is tapping its inner-fashionista in collaboration with famed Italian fashion house Fendi to deck-out the Maserati GranCabrio Fendi. Like Maserati's other GranCabrios, the car is produced in its Modena, Italy headquarters.
The Fendi version of the GranCabrio has a few special touches, including a three-layered dark-grey paint created specifically for this edition, as well as wood trim splashed throughout, also painted a prominent yellow, characteristic of Fendi. The seats have been embellished and patterned with the "double F," Fendi's logo. Yellow brake calipers and yellow stitching featuring the Maserati trident in the headrests add extra flair. Customers will get some upmarket extras such as a Fendi designed car cover and luggage and travel accessories.
The new GranCabrio is not all style, as it will be riding on the same mechanicals, delivering 433 horsepower from a 4.7-liter V8 engine, only doing so with added panache.
Both Fendi and Maserati have attained success by appealing to those inclined and willing to pay a premium for style, so the two luxury Italian brands joining forces seems a natural partnership. The car will doubtless draw a few eager onlookers when it debuts next month at the Frankfurt Auto Show. Source: Maserati