Matrix Demise: Could Toyota Care Less?

By Jason Davis | December 17, 2012
With the introduction of the next Corolla around the corner--we've already seen a few spy shots--we've thought the next generation Matrix can't be far behind. But it turns out that Toyota might be abandoning its Corolla-crossover-spinoff instead. The news was brought to light during a media event last week for the 2013 Toyota RAV4 when Bill Fay, Group Vice President and General Manager for Toyota Motor Sales, was overheard saying, "If we don't have the Matrix, it won't be the end of the world." Indeed. Because no one needs two Corollas, apparently not even Toyota, despite the emergence of other competitors in the sporty-hatchback-economy-car segment. That includes the two boxes in the Scion lineup: the xB and xD.
"The RAV is as small as we want to get," Fay said. "I am confident with where Toyota is with that. It meets all or most of our customer needs in that segment. We're fine." Scion sales are up 51-percent this year to just over 75,000 units, and Fay believes the young brand can do better. It would make sense, then, if Toyota continued to produce cars that slotted above it, and the xD and xB are scheduled to soon appear at the New York Auto Show in March. As for the Matrix, we, and for the most part, others in the industry, couldn't care less. Source: Automotive News