Maybach Excelero Concept With a Price Tag

By Automotive Staff | July 22, 2008
Have nearly eight million dollars lying around? That's the price tag of that the quintessential road symbol of wealth, the Mabach Excelero concept. The Excelero was built atop the chassis and running gear of a Maybach 57, commissioned by the Italian tire manufacturer Fulda, who logically and illogically wanted it to test their new high speed tires. (Though, personally, we can see the logic: tires are made to be driven. Why not build the most powerful car possible to do so?) The Excelero can go from 0-60 in 4.4 second and a top speed of 218 mph. A 5.9 litre V12 engine with 700 hp and 753 lb-ft of torque carries this 2.6 ton monstrosity to such extraordinary speeds. So what does this limo with power cost? The Austrians have flitted up the price tag of €5,000,000 for the coupe, which converts to just about $7.9 million. Are your eyes popping out of their sockets yet? via Automobile Magazine