Maybach looking for a Road?

By Automotive Staff | March 18, 2008
In recent weeks we have seen Chrysler announce that it will be discontinuing some models and we hear the persistent rumors that Ford will soon be killing Mercury. In the case of Mercury, Ford is now denying that and has said that it will be putting more money into the division this year.Now comes the rumor that Daimler will be dropping Maybach. Maybach has been identified as a “Ultra-Luxury” car available in Europe with a limited number being sold each year. The car is priced out at or above $500,000. The talk has been flamed because of last year’s sales, which has been reported as 146 units. That is said to be one-tenth of what Daimler hoped to sell. DaimlerChrysler took on the nameplate as a revival of a once-legendary German luxury brand which had not be produced since before World War II. Right now, the company has no plans of replacing any of the aging Maybach products. However, comments by Daimler exec Dr. Dieter Zetsche, are somewhat confusing. He said that the Maybach brand is not expected to have a “positive return on investment”, but “this does not matter.” He points to the fact that Maybach is competing well against Rolls Royce. So what the heck is that supposed to mean. Kudos to Maybach for being able to complete with a super luxury icon like Rolls Royce, but at what price? If Daimler can’t get a good return from Maybach, then as it was with Chrysler, why keep it? via The Car Connection