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Mazda Embracing Diesel, USA to Get Skyactiv-D

By Matthew Askari | October 26, 2011
The U.S. isn't the only place that's had an apathetic attitude towards diesel burning cars—Japanese automakers have produced them for European markets, but often eschewed the higher mpg engines because of costly aftermarket treatments to "clean" the diesel, allowing them to meet emission standards. Mazda hopes to change attitudes with its new Skyactiv-D Diesel engine. Mazda's new engine, which will debut on the 2012 Mazda CX-5 crossover next month at the Tokyo Motor Show, will deliver up to 30-percent better fuel economy, and add a more powerful-feeling ride quality to boot. The new Skyactiv-D Diesel engine is part of the Japanese automaker's plan to offer Skyactiv Technology in all of its cars by 2015, and introduce diesel options to give consumers greater flexibility. The next generation Mazda6 is expected to be offered as a diesel as well, and while Mazda is complementing its Japanese lineup, future plans call for the U.S. to get in on the party.'s take: Kanpai! Europe has long enjoyed the diesel option, and with a growing emphasis on mpg, more diesel engines will give consumers a wider array of options as we transition to the next automotive generation. Source: Mazda
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Waiting for diesel
Waiting for diesel

Mazda may be embracing diesel but unless American consumers embrace diesel us Canadians will get screwed. Canadians love diesels but many manufacturers consider North America as "one market". So... even though Mazda could sell every diesel product shipped to Canada, Canadians won't get 'em because of our American cousins... I would be beneficial if N.A. and Europe would standardize emission requirements so even smaller markets with smart consumers could get the new clean diesels.


dodge has been selling diesels in europe for years. The minivan diesel that they still sell gets 40 mpg, the avenger that they dropped got 56 mpg. THese cars were made in the USA and shipped out of Baltimore. I went to my neighborhood Dodge dealer with the correct order code and the dealer said that it was strange that it was a good code, but not available.