Mazda Introduces All-New Pre-Paid Maintenance Program

By Sam Grossman | July 05, 2011
With new car consumers in mind, Mazda has announced its first-ever pre-paid maintenance program. Called Mazda Total Advantage, the program will include new, used, and certified pre-owned Mazda vehicles model year 2007 or later. Mazda customers who purchase the program could see reduced scheduled maintenance costs. Also, Mazda Total Advantage keeps Mazda drivers coming back to the dealer for service and provides a service inspection at each maintenance visit. Mazda Total Advantage is available in one-to-five year increments on Schedule I and Schedule II maintenance plans. Customers have the option of financing this program into their vehicle purchase through Mazda Capital Services.
What do you think: Would the availability of a maintenance program like this make you more likely to purchase a Mazda? Source: Mazda