Mazda Miata MX-5 GT Concept To Break 200 Horsepower, And Debut At Goodwood

By Blake Z. Rong | June 26, 2012
Mazda's new MX-5 GT concept gets extra power and extra brightness on top of a Miata, if that can be considered a thing. The MX-5 GT concept squeezes 38 more horsepower out of the Miata's 2.0-liter engine for a total of 205—without resorting to super- or turbochargers. It gets a fully-adjustable coilover suspension, a center-mounted lightweight exhaust, a front splitter, rear diffuser, and spoiler, and lurid orange paint that seems to recall the Miata Super20 Concept. It was built by racing team Jota Sport, which also preps Aston Martin DBRS race cars for GT1 racing, as well as working closely with the Mazda factory team, so it's not like they're banging together rocks here. In fact, that very car will be making a run up Goodwood's storied hill: the GT4 MX-5 is placing in podiums during the 2012 British GT Championship and can hit 60 in 3 seconds, or about 1/3 the time a regular Miata needs. “The MX-5 has been our best known car for 22 years, and with the GT4 and GT Concept on show," said Jeremy Thomson, Managing Director of Mazda UK, "we are demonstrating that this car can compete with the more expensive race and performance cars but still remain true to its roots of affordable motoring with a strong focus on the driving experience." Mazda also helpfully says this: "For customers who want to acquire the car for track use, it comes equipped with road slicks and body-colored roll hoops behind the seats." Could the GT see production? Could we see a faster Miata as a last hurrah, before the next one comes out? It's too close to say right now, but Mazda does offer a special edition Miata almost every year, and none of them since the Mazdaspeed Miata have had a power boost. This time around, a bit more power would be a fine send-off. You can bet Mazda is gauging enthusiast interest very carefully right now. Source: Mazda UK