Mazda Plays Coy with Next-Generation CX-9, Including Existence

By Joel Arellano | April 25, 2012
Car enthusiast favorite Mazda has been taking it on the chin the past few years, from its separation with Ford, the earthquake—and subsequent tsunami—in Japan, and reduced sales as Americans insist on fuel efficient vehicles versus fun-to-drive ones ("zoom-zoom!"). The automaker has addressed most of these issues; parts supplies are back to normal, and its Skyactv engines are some of the most fuel-efficient among the auto industry. Still, the auto community is keeping an eye on every move by the feisty automaker, especially after it dropped the RX-8 and, more recently, replaced the CX-7 crossover with the even smaller CX-5. Thus, it's no surprise that auto sites pinged a recent report that Mazda plans to bring its seven-passenger CX-9 to the UK. According to Auto Express, Mazda plans to start selling the large crossover in the land of tea and crumpets sometime in late 2013. Here's the kicker, though. The Mazda CX-9 to be sold in the UK is not the current model, but the next-generation of the vehicle. Until now, Mazda has been mum about the CX-9, despite the fact it’s a moderate seller among its lineup. Mazda sold over 25,000 CX-9 crossovers when it debuted in the states in late 2006 as a 2007 model with sales peaking in 2011 at over 34,000 units sold. Details are still scarce on this UK Mazda CX-9. It will most likely utilize Mazda's SkyActv technologies including the lightweight chassis and a diesel variant of a SkyActv engine, most like a 2.5 turbo diesel according to the article. The Mazda CX-9 is currently powered by a 3.7-liter V-6 gasoline engine.'s take: We contacted Mazda for comment about this next gen CX-9, or even its existence. All they could say is that we'd have to wait for the launch date for details. Source: Auto Express, Motor Trend