Mazda Plays To Both Stereotypes With The MX-5 Miata Special Edition

By Blake Z. Rong | February 08, 2012
Denizens of the Miata cult know that Mazda likes to release a special edition of the MX-5 Miata every few years or so—even once per year, if they feel plush enough. This year's Miata Special Edition "offers an edgier look at two seats of luxury," says Mazda's press release. Does that bode badly for the elemental sports car fans that snap up Miatas? Or does it return the small convertible back to its "chick car" stereotypes? Turns out, the power-retractable hard top outsells the manual soft-top 4 to 1, trumping the cries from the purists about added weight and complexity. The cleverly named 2012 Mazda MX-5 Miata Special Edition reflects this by exclusively coming in power hardtop guise only, with top-spec Grand Touring trim that includes heated leather seats and automatic climate control. It coordinates its two exclusive colors, Velocity Red and Crystal White Pearl, with black-painted trim, mirrors, 17-inch aluminum wheels, and the hardtop. And if there's anybody who knows how to coordinate colors, it's Miata owners. Inside, the Miata comes with piano black finish, leather seats with grey stitching, and your choice of transmissions: a 6-speed automatic or an excellent 6-speed manual. Both Premium and Suspension packages are available ($1,390 and $1,145 options, respectively) as well as xenon headlights, alarm, Bluetooth and satellite radio for the "hairdressers," and a Bilstein suspension and limited-slip differential for the racer wannabes. Hey, if we're playing with stereotypes here, might as well go the full monty, right?
The MX-5 Miata Special Edition starts at $31,225 for the manual transmission and at $650 more for the automatic, minus a $795 destination charge. Expect to see it in dealerships at the end of February. Source: Mazda