Mazda Recalls 494,500 Mazda3s Globally for Windshield Wipers Issue

By Jacob Brown | June 16, 2011
Mazda announced Wednesday that it is recalling 494,500 Mazda3 compact cars worldwide over an electronic malfunction that can prevent the windshield wipers from working. The recall, which affects cars shipped from January 2008 to July 2010, stems from a film of oxidation corroding the ground wire contact point for the front windshield wipers. A ground wire will be added to the front wiper motor on all affected vehicles. Domestically, the recall affects 157,700 Mazda3s in North America in addition to 91,600 cars in Europe, 84,000 in China, and about 20,000 in home market Japan where it is called the Axela.
Source: Reuters, Mazda