Mazda Says 'I Do' To Future Rotary Engine Plans

By Automotive Staff | April 17, 2007
Felix Wankel, developed the pistonless engine (the "Wankel" or rotary engine) for what is now now as Audi. While others, such as Mercedes-Benz and General Motors, also tested the design, they all eventually dropped it from development, leaving Mazda as the only automaker to continue to produce rotaries And, for a short period of time from 2002 and 2003, it seemed that Mazda had also dropped it as well. However, the company has announced that it will develop the next generation rotary called the "Renesis" rotary engine which is scheduled for release in 2010. The last generation Renesis rotary was unveiled in 2003 where it is currently used on the RX-8. The engine is also being used for the company's hydrogen car (pictured) and is using an adapted edition for the hybrid Premacies and RX-8. Our take? Mazda shows that it is not a company that is afraid of technology even though the development of new technologies can be rather costly. You might say they are future visionaries not unlike Toyota and Nissan with their hybrid revolution. Perhaps there is something here that can be learned by the domestic auto makers like GM and Ford. We remember that GM appeared to be innovative when they introduced its first electric car several years ago only to drop it later. Now that the automaker is, again, working on an electric car, the Volt, let's hope they have more "stick to it’ness" as Mazda has exhibited. Via Carpages