Mazda Shows Dimly-Lit Teaser For 6 Sedan

By Blake Z. Rong | July 16, 2012
Companies love to wax misty-eyed poetics about how their production cars are "concept-derived" until Robert Pinsky throws a fit, and Mazda keeps its production teasers in line with the rest. The 2013 Mazda6 "looks like...the Takeri concept car," says Mazda, and at this stage in our findings we'll just have to take the company's word for it. Hence, this glumly-lit teaser, which shows us the normally-fussy intersection of A-pillar, front door seam, hoodline and side mirror that is so tricky to resolve these days without a smattering of faux air vents. Mazda's 6 has a reverse-Z working itself out over its sharply-creased sheetmetal—just when an aggressive, downward-sloping fender moves its way south, the side character line intersects like so many bolts of folded cloth. It's not a new idea—about a dozen cars have this sort of intersection—but if it's anything like the Takeri concept. "The prominent front fender and sculpted hood creases of the new Mazda6," says Mazda, "creates a strong visual impression of the car's athletic prowess." Who knows? Mazda has been pretty good at this whole "soul of motion" thing (which is not, despite what anyone tells you, a milquetoast James Brown cover band that played at your cousin's wedding) and the Takeri wasn't even that far-flung of a concept anyway. Take away the delicate headlights and massive wheels, add some conventional dorkiness to the lower bumper, and we'll bet the metaphorical farm that the Takeri's shape will make its way into the 6, intact.