Mazda Starts 6 Production In Japan, Gives Us Its Clearest Look Yet

By Blake Z. Rong | August 02, 2012
The Mazda6 sedan and wagon have just entered production in Japan, all set for an August 29th debut. But wait! If we're technically supposed to have not seen it yet—spy shots notwithstanding—then why is Mazda getting a head start on building it? Because this one's going to Europe. Formally, the Mazda6  will debut at the Moscow Motor Show in late August. Russia is a big market for Mazda, as it invests $80 million into a new production facility there, both for the 6 as well as the CX-5. From our estimates, Mazda is gearing up for production for global markets. Mazda's Hofu plant has the capability to build 120,000 cars per year; Mazda is surely anticipating such global demand for the 6, when sales in Japan and Europe start before 2012 ends. The first car off the line is a wagon, with the 2.0-liter Skyactiv engine. When 2013 rolls around expect the engine to make it to America, but not the wagon.
Source: Mazda