Mazda to Unveil Natural Gas-Powered Mazda3 at Tokyo Motor Show

By | October 24, 2013
Although the Los Angeles Auto Show is just around the corner, Mazda is waiting until the Tokyo Motor show, which runs during the same week, to unveil the new engine lineup for the Mazda3. The automaker also plans to display the CX-5 crossover and 2014 Mazda6 midsize sedan, showcasing the brand's SkyActiv Technology. The engine lineup for the new Mazda3 will feature the standard gasoline engines that are sold in the U.S.--a 2.0- and 2.5-liter--diesel overseas, a new hybrid that's not been confirmed for the U.S., and for the first time, the SkyActiv-CNG Concept, which will run on compressed natural gas (CNG). With the different engine options, Mazda is furthering the reach of the Mazda3, which accounts for over 30 percent of the automaker's global sales. Not only is the Mazda3 a sales leader for the Mazda brand in the U.S., the automaker is planning to unveil the latest model as a "multi-solution," a vehicle capable of using the SkyActiv Technology regardless of what type of engine it uses. Whether a CNG, hybrid, diesel, or gas model, Mazda can showcase the versatility of the technology easily in the new Mazda3.
Mazda has decided its theme for the Tokyo Motor Show will be "Mazda defies convention to keep fun-to-drive alive." Supported by four aspects--SkyActiv Technology, Kodo designs, Mazda Proactive Safety, MZD Connect--Mazda plans to show consumers how its vehicles differ from the competition. Along with the different models representing the automaker, the Mazda booth will also showcase different technologies including Mazda's Human Machine Interface and car connectivity system. All of the brand's most recent technology will be on display, hinting at what is in the future for the brand. Source: