Mazda Won't Risk Confusing Customers with Separate Skyactiv Brand

By Matthew Askari | November 04, 2011
Auto bosses typically drone on touting their brand strategies as the best course of action, and we typically give a slight nod, more in a manner of politesse than agreement. However, a recent statement by Phil Waring, Mazda's Europe Chief Operating Officer, makes a good deal of sense to us . As we've been reporting, the Japanese automaker has begun initiating its newest eco-focused technology, Skyactiv, into its lineup. Waring says automakers creating a separate brand for eco-systems, such as Volkswagen's BlueMotion and Ford's ECOnectic, confuse customers, adding that eco models would be placed alongside non eco models in showrooms. Instead, Mazda's Europe boss believes BMW's Efficient Dynamics program, and the incorporation of these technologies across the board make more sense. He also conceded that Mazda can't afford to build a separate brand for Skyactiv. The Japanese automaker has plans to incorporate Skyactiv into all models by 2015. The 2012 Mazda3 showcases Mazda's eco-suite of technologies, as will the soon to be launched CX-5, with plans for diesel variants  employing the Skyactiv-D engine underway. We like simple. With automakers increasingly adding new eco technology, we favor the new systems under the same banner without further complicating the autosphere.
Source: Mazda, Car and Van News