McLaren to Introduce P1 Supercar at Paris Autoshow

By Jason Davis | September 18, 2012
Fresh off McLaren’s 5th place finish in Motor Trend’s annual “Best Driver’s Car” comes this, the new P1 supercar, which will debut next week at the Paris Motor Show. The P1 will succeed the current 616-hp MP4-12C, which is perhaps the world’s most sophisticated and street-legal racecar. Judging by looks, the P1 appears more of an evolved F1 than the MP4-12C, the supercar maker’s first ultra-exotic street-legal supercar of the 1990s, which reportedly exceeded 240 mph. Paul McCartney owns one. Mr. Bean wrecked one. The P1, like the F1, cocoons the driver in a carbon-fiber monocoque surrounded by swoopy lines and aggressive air vents and active spoilers. It’s the kind of design that grade schoolboys lust over, and one that an errant fly on a test track could mistake for the wildest ride of its short life. If McLaren is to be believed, it will be for its owners, too.
“Twenty years ago we raised the supercar performance bar with the McLaren F1, and our goal with the P1 is to redefine it again,” said McLaren executive chairman Ron Dennis. McLaren has yet to release details on its newest sled, but it is expected that the P1 will cost more than double the $240,000-plus price of the current MP4-12C when it arrives sometime next year. Adding to the hype, McLaren managing director, Antony Sheriff, said in a statement that the P1 would be the world’s “most exciting and most capable” supercar. We’ll know more next week from Paris when McLaren drops the specs. Source: McLaren