Mercedes-Benz and Dodge Recalling Sprinter and Freightliner Vans with Corroded Intake Manifolds

By Trevor Dorchies | August 16, 2011
Mercedes -Benz is recalling Sprinter and Dodge Freightliner 2500 and 3500 vans sold from 2002 to 2003. The recall was reported by the manufacturer on August 9 and went into effect August 15 at noon eastern time. Under certain circumstances, sulfuric acid can form inside the engine's intake manifold, which delivers air to the engine. The acid can eat through various engine components, including a fuel line or the manifold itself, possibly causing an exhaust leak. The hot exhaust can further deteriorate other components, such as the sheetmetal dividing the engine compartment from the passenger compartment. If the fuel lines leak, fuel could touch an ignition source, causing a fire. Mercedes-Benz USA and Dodge will notify owners of the malfunction and correct it at no cost.  The newest recall is an expansion of recall 09V-418, the same problem with the intake manifold corroding. No notification schedule has been made known by the manufacturer yet but concerned owners can contact Chrysler at 1-800-853-1403 or Sprinter at 1-843-695-5031.
The Mercedes-Benz safety recall number is 2010040002, and owners can also call the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's vehicle safety hotline at 1-888-327-4236 or visit Source:
ed murley
ed murley

when are u going to learn how to build a transmission that will hold up