Mercedes-Benz may replace Maybach with S-Class

By Automotive Staff | March 22, 2010
Mercedes’ super luxury brand, Maybach, may be on the verge of closing down. This should not be surprising: Maybach has had no new models; its sales figures are just one-third of what Rolls Royce, its closest rival, is achieving; and -- most importantly -- the demand for the super expensive, ultra luxury car worldwide has plummeted. Only two Maybach models remain: the 57 sedan and the 62 variant. Both are expected to get a mild refreshing such as a new grille and LED lights. Once Maybach is gone, it is said that Mercedes will concentrate more on its new Mercedes-Benz S-Class. In fact, it is said that the company is already pushing the S-Class as a substitute for the Maybach. This new S-Class is expected to be introduced in 2014. Feature details and images are still unknown. However, it is said that the model will be the most hi-tech car Mercedes has ever made featuring interior controls operated from a monitor with a simple movement of a finger in front of a pad.
via Nitrobahn