Mercedes-Benz Smart Stop brakes at Stoplights. Is this a Good Thing?

By Automotive Staff | October 12, 2009
Mercedes-Benz is currently developing a Smart Stop system that would stop cars at red lights if the driver failed to see the light. The Smart Stop system will work through a system of wireless receivers communicating between cars and intersections, relaying real-time traffic information to the vehicles, giving drivers warning if they are approaching a red light too quickly. Unfortunately it will be quite some time before we start seeing this technology implemented. Modifying intersections with the equipment needed to monitor traffic and communicate that information with cars will be a long and costly process requiring action on federal, state, and local levels. Mercedes-Benz hopes that this technology will become a standard feature in all automobiles and traffic intersections sometime in the next decade.
Like Volvo’s City Safety system, Mercedes-Benz’s System Stop system is a radical advancement in safety technology, and brings us another step closer to smart cars that will be capable of driving themselves. Our take? We have several concerns with such a "nanny" system. What do you think? via Kicking Tires