Mercedes-Benz Viason Vision Diamond Sprinter Van Sparkles at 2012 Beijing Motor Show

By Joel Arellano | April 24, 2012
When we hear the words "mobile office", most folks think about using their smartphones, tablets, and laptops to connect to the office network. Where we are when we're logging on rarely matters. Well, Mercedes-Benz is changing that paradigm just a bit for the Chinese with its Viano Vision Diamond, which is making its debut at the Beijing Motor Show this week. The Mercedes-Benz Viano Vision Diamond is a version of the Viano van converted into a mobile office. And not just any office, but an executive one, just the place for the captains of industry to affect the fate of millions of employees. While the chauffeur driver navigates the Mercedes Viano Vision Diamond through the packed sardine can that constitutes Chinese traffic (and you thought L.A. traffic was awful), executives and visiting government officials lounge in the airy rear compartment, sunlight regulated thanks to the Viano Vision Diamond's "Magic Sky Control" glass system. The Mercedes-Benz Viano Vision Diamond comes equipped with heated and cooled massage seats to keep its passengers relaxed, and provides silver champagne flutes for toasting at the push of a button. Champaign bottles are kept chilled in small refrigeration unit nearby. When it's time for business, executives can use either iphones or iPads to configure the Mercedes Viano Vision Diamond interior lighting to a more harsh—but not too harsh—business "lighting" as well as access the van's 40-inch screen television and Bang & Olufsen sound system. The Mercedes-Benz Viano Vision Diamond is fully W-LAN capable for video conferences as well. Source: Mercedes-Benz