Mercury, Volvo: Again on the Auction Block?

By Automotive Staff | May 07, 2008
Well, here we go again. Pundits, in this case, specifically Jerry York, a prominent representative of Kirk Kerkorian’s Tracinda Corp., is advising Ford to sell Volvo and sell or kill Mercury. York believes that Ford is planning to sell Volvo within the next 18 months. He also noted that a sale of Mercury could be difficult unless the new owner could continue to use Ford platforms and distribution network. Otherwise, he said, Mercury’s value is questionable. Our take? We can understand about Mercury. Unless Ford does something -- anything -- to differentiate it from its siblings, it will always be the "middle child" unwanted by the press and auto enthusiasts. Jim Farley, group VP-Marketing and a former executive of rival Toyota, once suggested positioning Mercury against Scion. What's happened since then? As for Volvo, we think Ford would be shooting itself in the foot if it sold the Swedish brand. via Leftlane News