Michigan Governor Snyder Wants State to Approve Self-Driving Cars

According to Michigan Governor Rick Snyder, Google's self-driving vehicles are necessary for the future of the auto industry. Right now Google is testing its self-driving cars on the road, with hopes to introduce the technology for sale within the next three to five years. Experts, however, believe that it could be decades before driverless cars set out on the road. Major car manufacturers are working with varying levels of autonomous and semi-autonomous technologies in their vehicles. Last year California and Nevada were the first states to implement laws to allow automakers to test new technologies on the road, and in order to not fall behind, Snyder believes Michigan needs its own regulations. "They took me out on a California freeway, and showed me how it worked. When you're sitting in that vehicle, you can see how it's analyzing all these decisions much like you would as a normal driver. And it's able to do it faster and better than many of us could as human drivers," said Snyder during Michigan Robotics Day in Ann Arbor.
This type of legislation could approve autonomous vehicle licensing relatively soon. Snyder wants Michigan to be a leader in this movement and wants to push it through. Potentially, this could create more jobs and provide more collaborative opportunities in autonomous vehicle research. Michigan's governor also wants people to be aware that although these vehicles may be autonomous, there will still be a driver to take the wheel if necessary, believing that communicating to the public about their fears and concerns will help push the movement forward. Source: Detroit Free Press