MINI Celebrates Sir Alec Issigonis' 107th Birthday with a New Model

By | August 07, 2013
Set to be unveiled on November 18, the new MINI will usher in the 107th birthday of the man who started the automobile revolution, Sir Alec Issigonis. MINI's plant in Oxford will host the world premiere of the new vehicle, and a party will be held in London that same night. That same week, MINI plans to have an exhibition premiere in front of an international audience, with simultaneous unveilings of the vehicle in Los Angeles and Tokyo. The limelight will be focused on the new MINI on November 20, first at the Tokyo Motor Show and then, just hours later, at the Los Angeles Auto Show. Production of the new MINI will be at the Oxford plant, where automobiles have been built for over 100 years. The world premiere will be in a tribute to the creator of the vehicle, as well as the first edition that was introduced in 1959. Issigonis' concepts have become the platform for many compact cars, including unparalleled cabin space and driving agility, all on a small footprint. These features and more will live on in the new MINI, complete with new engines and chassis technologies. Source: Newspress UK (Subscription Required)