Mini Cooper Does a Backflip

By | February 19, 2013
Daredevil and Freestyle Rally racer, Guerlain Chicherit completes a full MINI backflip in the video below, released this past weekend. In the frigid landscape of snow in Tignes, France, Chicherit manages to once again complete a bold John Cooper Works leap of faith. Although the video is just over a minute, it packs in a lot. It opens with the mountains, with the lighting behind them moving from night to day and then takes us to a shot of Chicherit himself as he stretches his neck in preparation for his jump. We see him stare down the ramp he will soon be launching from, and confidence can be seen in the set of his features, even with his sunglasses on. Chicherit is in place, revving the engine in preparation for the jump. The camera moves to focus on the aspects of the car, from the emblem to the Tignes bumper sticker and then the car is off. It races for the jump, with the camera looking from the driver's perspective. He has a clean takeoff, and goes up in the air. With different angles, the viewer is better able to see just how Chicherit was able to accomplish this task.
He has a smooth landing in the powdered snow. Cheers are heard all around and he is greeted by his team as he makes his way out of the vehicle. The video ends with a quick spot for sponsors and another quick look of his incredible landing. Source: MINI via YouTube