Mini Investing $388 Million in U.K. Plants for Three New Models?

By Jacob Brown | July 10, 2012
The diminutive Anglo-Teutonic automaker Mini is investing an additional £250 million, or $388 million,  in its three U.K. manufacturing plants as part of a boost to ramp up production through 2015. With the added investment on top of what was supposed to be around $700 million through 2014 before the announcement, Mini said the brand may be increasing its range "up to 10 different models in the new lineup in the midterm." Currently, Mini sells the Cooper coupe and convertible, the Clubman, Countryman, and Coupe. The Mini Roadster and Clubvan will be launching shortly, and the Paceman crossover coupe was just confirmed for production. That's eight models. And Mini explicitly states that its models are destined to be built under its own banner, despite the fact that BMW will likely share U.K. manufacturing space for its upcoming front-wheel-drive 1 Series and 2 Series derivations.  That leaves some room open for speculation as to what else Mini could have in store for its rapidly expanding lineup, from the subcompact Mini Rocketman concept making it to production to a mini-minvan akin to Fiat's upcoming 500L.
Mini says it may have to contract an outside manufacturer to handle the its excess production, but its special edition products will be produced in its Oxford plant regardless, such as the upcoming 2013 Mini Cooper S John Cooper Works GP, a high-performance version of its bread and butter car celebrating the end of the second generation Cooper's run. Over the next few years, Mini will start introducing versions of its third generation of the modern Cooper hatchback, convertible, and various other offshoots. With the brand's future secure, due to parent company BMW's large commitment to the U.K., the only question left is what new Mini models will come out to complement the rest of the brand's lineup. Source: Mini