Mini Shows Off Jacked-Up Backflipping Countryman Before It Makes History

By Jacob Brown | January 04, 2013
Perhaps you remember the Chevrolet Sonic ad from a few months ago where skateboarder Rob Dyrdek kickflipped the car. That was gutsy. What Mini is doing is insane. Taking a highly modified Mini Countryman John Cooper Works, the automaker handed the car off to French daredevil Guerlain Chicherit to see what he could do.
In what will surely follow up this preview, Chicherit has attempted to do the first unassisted backflip with a car; most have been done with lifesized Hotwheels tracks. While it doesn't look much like the Countryman you can buy, with scaffolding sticking out from underneath the car, it's based largely on Mini's World Rally Team car. That means it's beefed up enough for whatever sort of terrain can be thrown at it--or, apparently, no terrain at all. Lately, videos of high-flying stunts and pyrotechnics have become all the rage, with Subaru, Ford, and now Mini getting in on the action with the automakers taking their cars into shipping yards or airplane graveyards to prove their prowess. In this latest installment of car stunts with rally-prepped monsters, Mini shows us everything but the Countryman landing on all four tires, adding to the suspense. But even Mini isn't unfamiliar to the viral publicity these videos bring. Just a few months ago, the automaker took part in seeing how many adult women could fit in a Cooper hatchback. Twenty-eight, if you were wondering. We assume that makes just enough room for another video to debut shortly showing us just how the flipping Mini makes out.

Source: Mini via YouTube