Mini to Make John Cooper Works More Like BMW M Line

By Matthew Askari | January 31, 2012
A tumultuous year that ushered in sweeping change, 1959 saw the U.S. recognize the Castro government, the Soviet Union launch the Luna 1 spacecraft, Alaska became a state, and Charles de Gaulle was a president— not yet an airport. Amid all of this, a sprightly little car, the Mini, was introduced offering sporty driving dynamics and a cheeky, uniquely British character. That character soldiers on today, under the direction of BMW, and it appears the German automaker may even have plans to make the ultimate Mini— the John Cooper Works— more like the ultimate driving machine, the BMW M series. As reported in Digital Trends, it appears Mini boss Kay Segler, who coincidently happens to be the former head of BMW's M division before taking the Mini job, has plans to make John Cooper Works more distinct from the rest of the Mini lineup. BMW has seen encouraging growth with its M line, and may try and apply similar success to Mini's JCW, which at present is offered as more of a top of the line, special edition model. Audi in recent years has done the same with its "S" line, and Dodge and Jeep have even used SRT8 in a similar fashion. What's not clear is what shape JCW will take in differentiating itself from the current lineup, but as speculated in the report, Mini may opt to bring some of its performance diesel engines that have enjoyed success in Europe and port them over to the U.S. We'll be following Mini and JCW closely to see what strategy the automaker might employ.
Source: Digital Trends