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Mitsubishi Develops New MIVEC Engine to Be More Fuel Efficient

By Trevor Dorchies | October 20, 2011
Mitsubishi has stepped it up in the engine building department, announcing two new creations that utilize fuel saving technology. The first is an engine named the "4J10" which is a small and light 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine. The second innovation is known as Auto Stop & Go which is Mitsubishi's version of idle-stop technology. This shuts the vehicle off when it's at a stand-still. These enhancements arise from a business plan called the Mitsubishi Motors Environment Initiative Program of 2015. The target goal is to have a 25-percent reduction in carbon dioxide emissions by 2015, compared to vehicles produced in 2005.That goal is slated to double to a 50-percent reduction by the year 2020. Besides these technologies, Mitsubishi is still looking to boost fuel economy with the release of its new all-electric vehicle, known as the i-MiEV. The EPA estimates the i-MiEV achieve the equivalent of 126 mpg in city driving and 99 mpg on the highway, although the overall range is limited to just under 70 miles before a recharge is needed. The Japanese versions expected to be on the receiving end of all this are the Outlander Sport, Lancer Sedan, and Lancer Sportback. When using this engine as motivation all three models showed a 12-percent boost in fuel economy according to Mitsubishi. The Outlander Sport is set to go on sale in Japan today and the Lancer Sedan goes live October 27. Other models are expected to experiment with clean diesel technology as Mitsubishi tinkers with gas, diesel, and electric powered vehicles. As of this writing it's unknown whether these new technologies will make their way to the U.S. market, but with the ever-increasing focus on fuel economy, it's a good bet they will. With these new fuel saving technologies do you think it will help Mitsubishi back into the lime-light? Tell us what you think in the comment section below. Source: Newspress
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great innovation...

Joel A
Joel A

Blahblahblah. Nice, but everyone's developing fuel-saving tech. How is Mitsu gonna separate itself from the competition?