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Mitsubishi Enters The Black. In Profit, That Is.

By Automotive Staff | May 02, 2007
They must be singing "Celebration" over at Mitsubishi headquarters. The company has been struggling for better sales figures for the last several years due to a blow concerning consumer trust after a recall scandal. Yet it looks like 2006 may be the year the Japanese automaker finally saw light at the end of a non-profitable tunnel. While automakers don't announce quarterly sales figures, Mitsubishi has announced that it sales figures for all of 2006 showed a net profit of $73 million. This is the company's first sojourn into profits since fiscal year 2002. Our take? If the new Eclipse, Outlander, and upcoming Lancer represent Mitsubishi's future, we see even more green (as in profit) ahead for this once underdog in the auto industry. Via Today's Zaman
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i think mitsubishi's just happy to be back in the black.


mitsubishi sales this year are expected to be more higher than the previous year as competitions in new designs are up to the market.the japanese auto makers gonna blow their own mitsubishi cold air intake to top the other brands.