Mitsubishi i Powers Up With EPA-Rated 62-Mile Range, 112 MPGe, and New Charging Station

By Joel Arellano | July 07, 2011
Mitsubishi is charging up the electric vehicle “range war” dominated by the Nissan Leaf and Chevrolet Volt. The automaker, which has been selling its i MiEV electric car worldwide since 2009, has released the EPA figures for the American-spec “i” electric car that goes on sale later this year in Hawaii. The automaker says that the i has received an EPA-estimated equivalency of 126/99 mpg city/highway with a surprising combined 112 mpg. The government agency has also given the i the “real world” range of 62 miles. The latter mimics realistic driving scenarios like driving aggressively or blasting the vehicle’s air conditioning. The EPA also tested the EV’s LA4 range, which measures its range at stop signs, turn signals, or when making brief but frequent stops found in town and city driving. The i has an LA4 range of 98 miles. The Mitsubishi i roughly matches the Nissan Leaf, which has an EPA-estimated equivalency of 106/92 mpg city/highway and a combined figure of 99 mpg. The Leaf has a 73-mile real-world range, according to the agency. The Chevrolet Volt, with its "range extender" engine, has a combined city and highway figure of 93 mpg with a range of 35 miles using electricity alone.
Mitsubishi recently opened a new, solar-powered recharging station at its headquarters in Cypress, California. Source: Mitsubishi, GM, Nissan
Calgary Dodge
Calgary Dodge

Another move towards vehicle "hybridization". Mitsubishi has to do something more in order to surpass the two other "hot" hybrid commodities. The addition of a charging station is a good move, and the 62-mile range is satisfactory, but in order to dominate, the automaker has to do something more than that.