Mitsubishi may add Hybrid, EVs to Entire Lineup

By Automotive Staff | December 16, 2010
Recently, Mitsubishi spokesman suggested each future Mitsu model will be developed with an electric or plug-in hybrid variant in mind. "Every new car we develop will also be able to be driven by electricity," (translated) Helmut Bauer, Mitsubishi's German spokesman, told Automobilwoche. Details at this point have been scarce or virtually non-existant. One model, based upon the PX-MiEV concept shown at the 2009 Tokyo Auto Show, is already under development. Another potential candidate for electrification is the venerable Montero sport utility, which is still sold in European and Asian markets, despite being pulled from the U.S. lineup in 2006. Finally is the company's new Global Small subcompact -- we can't help but think an electric variant could tangle with the likes of the Nissan Leaf, although it could conflict with the company's own I here in North America. via Automobilewoche courtesy of Automobile Magazine Staff