Mitsubishi Outlander named a Top 10 Pet Safe Vehicle for Spot

By Joel Arellano | August 24, 2009
August 20, 2009 --CYPRESS, Calif. -- The Mitsubishi Outlander CUV was named one of the Top 10 Pet Safe Vehicles by and the pet safety experts from Bark Buckle UP.The collaborative effort's list praises the Outlander for having plenty of room and pet safety features that makes driving with pets safer and more convenient. There are 71 million pet owners in America, and 82 percent of dogs travel in cars during their lifetime. However, 98 percent of the dogs travel unrestrained in moving vehicles, leaving pets and passengers vulnerable to injury in the event of a traffic accident, according to Bark Buckle UP statistics. In a 35 mile per hour collision, an unrestrained 60-pound pet becomes a 2,700-pound projectile and can do much harm to other passengers. In announcing the Mitsubishi Outlander, wrote: Side airbags, five-star crash test ratings and steering-wheel-mounted auxiliary controls are all part of the Outlander's arsenal of available offerings. The CUV also boasts fold-flat seating and stowable third-row seats (both of which increase the amount of room available for larger pets), as well as more than a dozen storage compartments for your gear and your pet's.
Throughout Southern California this summer, Mitsubishi has been deploying "K-9" teams to dog parks and beaches, offering free treats and foldable travel water bowls. "Pet owners' responses have been overwhelming," said Frances Oda, vice president of marketing at Mitsubishi Motors North America. "Owners are appreciative of Mitsubishi's added attention toward pet safety and comfort, while our furry friends enjoy lapping up fresh, cool water during their playtime." Press release via Mitsubishi

Hmmmm....well personally I don't think pets belong in cars anyways. I mean I would not like to have dogs, cats, etc. fur on my car everytime I go out. Not to mention I would hate if they left the smell behind, which most animals do. I'm glad Mitsubishi took it upon itself to improve safety for both pet and driver. Not in my car though.