Mitsubishi Recalling Outlander Sport For Turn Signal Levers

By Blake Z. Rong | January 09, 2012
Mitsubishi has announced a recall of 2012 Outlander Sport models, because the automatic-cancelling feature of the turn signals could fail. Despite the satisfying little "click" of a cancelled turn signal the indicators could continue to flash, which would generate a slew of hilarious regional driver behavior stereotypes. On a more serious note, this also turns out to be a violation of federal safety standards. The cars affected were all built between November 9th through December 16th of 2011, and in an inevitable reflection of Mitsubishi's wavering status in America, just 21 cars will require fixes. Yep. (The above image shows about a third of the cars affected, in fact.) Mitsubishi will replace the turn signal lever for free, and concerned owners can call Mitsubishi at (800) 222-0037.
Source: NHTSA