Motor Trend Analyzes Longterm Impact of Japan Earthquake, Tsunami on Car Sales

By Automotive Staff | May 05, 2011
Motor Trend recently examined the latest sales figures released by the various automakers, then massaged them to see how Japan’s troubles have impacted automotive sales in the short and long-term. The Domestics Biggest Winner – Manufacturer: General Motors GM’s had its ups and downs recently, but overall sales have remained in the black for several months now. The company slipped a bit in March when it was outsold by Ford for the first time in over a decade, but GM came roaring back in April to post a 27-percent gain in sales. 232,538 vehicles were delivered in total, blowing Ford’s 189,778 clean out of the water. Buick notched the best showing with a 51-percent improvement for a total of 18,413. GMC followed up with a 29-percent gain to 31,204 and Chevrolet was close behind with a 25-percent pickup to 169,794. Cadillac rounded out the bunch with a 16-percent gain for a total of 13,127. GM is hanging its hat on smaller, more efficient models like the Cruze, Equinox and Terrain. Check out the full analysis at Winners and Losers – Natural Disaster Edition: April 2011 U.S. Auto Sales