Motor Trend Partners with MSN to Launch Largest Automotive Platform on Internet in 2014

By Jacob Brown | June 12, 2013
Generally, we don't self-aggrandize too much within our parent company, Source Interlink Media, but when there's a big announcement to be made, we can't help ourselves. Our across-the-office coworkers at Motor Trend have just announced that they're partnering with MSN to launch a new platform on the Microsoft Network's site that will become the exclusive carrier of Motor Trend content. MSN Autos is already one of the largest entities on the internet when it comes to car buying, and Motor Trend is the largest enthusiast outlet on this side of the world. The two joining forces will help streamline MT's web presence, bringing its user interface up to speed with its compelling content. "Motor Trend on MSN will combine the personality, opinion, and perspective of the Motor Trend brand with the audience, reach, and platform technology of MSN," says Angus MacKenzie, Motor Trend editor-at-large and chief content officer for Source Interlink Media, Motor Trend’s parent company, in a statement.
The merger of powerhouses is expected to start in early 2014, which should allow our sister publication to lead the charge on providing even more content online. Motor Trend will still provide its unique consumer-driven commentary with a focus on performance and value; that still gives us plenty of breathing room with the practical and family-oriented content we will continue to provide at with the wit and transparent simplicity only we can give you. We'll keep you updated as we have more to share about this exciting merger of giants. Source: Motor Trend