Motor Trend's Head2Head Pits 2013 Ford Mustang vs. 2013 Subaru BRZ

By Matthew Askari | May 04, 2012
On the latest episode of Head2Head, our colleagues over at Motor Trend pit the newest Ford Mustang against the all-new, much-hyped 2013 Subaru BRZ. At first it sounds like a strange pairing. The two aren't exactly competitors as the 2013 Mustang employs a V-6 engine to do the heavy lifting, while the much lighter BRZ relies on a Subaru four-cylinder engine. But they're both priced about the same, and the iconic Mustang and the new BRZ are meant to be driver's cars, answer the call of passionate motoring. Motor Trend's Angus MacKenzie takes each for a spin and breaks down the advantages of each. After a little road test, the two are pushed to the limit at the Willow Springs track by none other than racecar driver Randy Pobst. The results? Well, naturally you'll just have to watch.

Source: Motor Trend


Easily exploitable limits. This is in a nutshell want makes a car such as the BRZ so great to drive.  It's a car you can drive at 99% for 99% of the time as the saying goes.  This is why this idea that the BRZ needs more power, wider / stickier tires, etc doesn't make much sense unless all you care about is numbers.  What's the point in having all kinds of power and extremely high limits if the only time you can exploit the cars limits is at a race track? Bragging rights? I just don't get the appeal...  Subaru could have easily put wider / stickier tires on the BRZ so that it would look more impressive on paper, pull higher G's, etc but "numbers" weren't their main concern.  Subaru's goal with the BRZ was to produce an affordable fun to drive sports car.  If you want #'s Subaru has the STi.  Yet in all the comment sections after the reviews of the BRZ / FR-S people continue to bitch and complain about the power. Is as if they have NO CLUE about what makes a sports car worth it.  Their logic goes something like this "OMG 200hp?? Why would I buy this slow POS BRZ when I can buy a 274hp Genesis Coupe for the same price"?  It's really amazing....  With that said I'm torn between the BRZ and MX-5. I've driven the new MX-5 and no for sure how great it is to drive but I'll have to test out the BRZ as well. I'm sure the BRZ will be quicker around a race track vs. the MX-5 but not so sure it'll be as fun around town where I do all my driving. If the MX-5 didn't exist it would be a no brainer for the BRZ as I'm pretty sure no other car "s" in it's segment and most above will be as fun to drive. Sure many cars available are faster but I don't buy cars based on 0-60 / 1/4mile times. I don't race my daily driver's for a living so my priorities are in how much fun / rewarding a car is to drive on a daily bases.