Motor Trend's YouTube Channel is Alive!

By Jason Davis | January 30, 2012
Did the interwebs kill print? The death knell continues to ring, but more than a few magazines and newspapers around the country have successfully transitioned their printed product into supplementary content. Such is the case with America's most popular automotive magazine -- and our sister publication -- Motor Trend, which has thrived since making a push toward online content. In fact, Motor Trend's online content has been so successful that the enthusiast brand today launched its own dedicated channel on YouTube with the introduction of "Ignition," one of eight new daily, weekly, or monthly shows aired exclusively on the popular video site. According to Angus MacKenzie, Motor Trend's former Editor in Chief, "this new channel moves us out of the realm of videos of skateboarding dogs and laughing babies and into an environment of structured, regular programming. Just like a proper TV channel." MacKenzie continues on, applauding and encouraging internet TV's biggest attribute--that it's interactive--and that fans and subscribers will be able to help develop inspired programming with no network suits to distract from the brand's mission to put out engaging and fresh content. However, he also and importantly noted that the Motor Trend Channel will not be Top Gear, the wildly successful and inimitable BBC TV show.
At, we're excited (and jealous) to see our officemates on camera in exotic cars and locations around the globe, which you can see in "Ignition's" first video with Motor Trend's Road Test Editor, Carlos Lago, piloting the new Lamborghini Aventador.

Source: Motor Trend