Movin' on Up! Audi Brings Hybrid Tech to Flagship A8

By Matthew Askari | August 24, 2011
Audi says its hybrid offerings will go upmarket in to its flagship A8 sedan in 2012, meaning efficiency just got a whole lot more alluring. The idea is to offer the luxury of the Audi A8, coupled with the power and performance of six-cylinders, on a diet of four.
The A8 hybrid will combine its gasoline engine and electric motor to produce 245 horsepower, while impressively delivering almost 37 miles to the gallon. The Audi hybrid flagship luxury sedan arrives as part of a larger plan by Volkswagen, Audi's parent company to increase sales by 2018. Volkswagen, currently the world's second largest automaker, hopes to displace number one General Motors, whose Cadillac brand recently gave the production green-light for the new ELR luxury hybrid.
Hybrids are often associated with high-volume makes such as the Toyota Prius and Chevy Volt, but the increasing trend is to spread the more efficient technology across the range. In the case of the A8, it means owners will have some extravagant extras such as ten-spoke 18-inch alloy wheels as standard and 19-inches optional. An exclusive Arctic Silver paint is available, and LED headlights and Bose sound systems are also standard.
On purely electric power, the Audi A8 hybrid can reach an industry provoking speed of up to 62 miles an hour, and can go almost two miles driving at a constant speed of 37 miles an hour. We'd expect the all electric numbers to climb with subsequent generations. The hybrid sedan can also be driven in different modes, which allow flexibility if the driver is looking to maximize fuel economy or opting for a sportier, performance-inspired drive. Source: Audi
Transmission Repair
Transmission Repair

Audi, simply ahead of the curve! Making their flagship better, with better technology, and better mpg is just a smart move.