Movin' On Up: Next-Generation Jaguar XK to be Bigger, More Upscale

By Trevor Dorchies | January 02, 2013
If you haven't heard yet, Jaguar is bringing a smaller sports car to market, known as the F-Type. In an attempt to cut down on some confusion in its lineup, Jaguar is discussing the possibility of making the brand's current luxury sports car, the XK, "a bit more special than a GT." Speaking with Autocar, Ian Callum, design director for Jaguar said the XK could go even further up-market into the luxury segment, while simultaneously growing bigger in overall size as well. “It could grow into the luxury market, and grow in size,” he said. “Whether it stays the same as a two-plus-two or becomes a two-plus-more-than-two has not been committed to yet.” No decision on the future direction of the XK has been agreed upon, but Callum said the British automaker was "going through a lot of discussion." The motivation behind the possibility of changing the XK's size among other features stems from the introduction of the all-new F-Type. Before Jag had the F-Type, the XK was forced to act as the automaker's sports car while also being a luxury GT, roles that were often at odds with one another. With the addition of the F-Type, the XK can now focus more on being a luxurious GT (or something more, as Callum would have it) instead of trying to fill multiple roles. While change appears to be imminent for the XK, the XJ will continue on as a luxury sedan when the next-gen model is unveiled.
As for the possibility of a luxury SUV with Jaguar badges, don't count on it anytime soon. Even while luxury SUV sales crush luxury sedan sales, Callum and Co. believe the global economy is to blame, not the current market trend. Callum is banking on a shift back towards luxury sedans in the near future but didn't rule out the possibility of one becoming a reality. “I think the market will come back,” Callum said to Autocar. “We’re strong in China and big cars are also always going to be popular in the US.” Callum continued on to say that Jag "had to take notice" of the growing popularity of luxury SUVs but wouldn't confirm that one was in the works. What say you? Should Jaguar build an SUV? Sound off in the comment section below. Source: Autocar