Multiculturalism: German Car Teaches Spanish to English-Speaking Americans

By Keith Buglewicz | September 16, 2011
Diesel engines have two primary benefits. First is low-end power, which is why you see diesel engines used in big rigs. The second is fuel economy, which rivals fuel-sipping hybrids, but without the luggage-space-consuming battery pack. Volkswagen has thrown its industrial might behind diesel technology, and it's one of the few automakers in the U.S. that offers diesel power across nearly its entire vehicle range. The 2012 Volkswagen Passat is no exception, and to showcase its TDI technology — that's VW-speak for diesel — the company produced a new commercial showing the potential consequences of taking a road trip in its diesel-powered midsize sedan, with its range of nearly 800 miles between refueling. Called "Vamanos," the commercial shows two friends as they start a road trip after filling up the Passat. But instead of music, a learn-to-speak-Spanish lesson is playing over the audio system. The miles and mangled Spanish melt away, and by the time they have to refuel, well, click below to see for yourself.
It's cute and funny, in the way Volkswagen commercials tend to be. If only it were true, though. Imagine how much more fun your high school Spanish classes would have been if they revolved around 800-mile road trips?


Perhaps in the US this commercial should have spanish guys learning English.