MyFord Touch Woes Continue Despite Upgrade?

By Matthew Askari | August 23, 2012
When Ford initially launched MyFord Touch, it was met with a strong backlash from Ford owners. Ford even acknowledged (sort-of) the problem, and looked to rectify it. In a November 2011 Ford press release titled "Faster, Simpler, Better: MyFord Touch Upgrade Provides New and Existing Customers Enhancements and New Features," the automaker claimed to have listened to feedback from customers that "love the system," but wanted improvements. To be fair, "love" is difficult to quantify. Our staff got to tinker with the new, revised system. news director Keith Buglewicz said of the upgraded MyFord Touch: "Overall, it's a good first step. Like most things, you fiddle with the functions at first, but then get it set to where you want, and mostly leave it alone. It could be improved, and it's still buggy at times, but overall, it does what Ford says." Editor Jason Davies also believed the improved version was relatively user friendly, but the experience wasn't glitch-free. These opinions vary from a recent blog post in which Consumer Reports took a much harsher stance. "We wouldn't recommend dealing with the frustrations of MyFord Touch on a daily basis even to an adversary." The consensus? We find the response to be a little dramatic. Our editors had an overall positive experience with the newer MyFord Touch. The system could be further improved, but Ford appears to be doing just that. Source: Automotive News