Name Change for Saab 9-3, Entry-Level 9-2 Coming?

By Jason Davis | August 10, 2011
The next Saab 9-3 is scheduled for a 2013 makeover, and if the Swedish manufacturer can get its production line rolling, it may also ditch the 9-3 nameplate in favor of a name that harks back to the brand's earlier years. "There's a chance we might move away from that," said Tim Colbeck, president of Saab Cars North America, referring to the name change. In addition to the name change, Saab is anxiously moving forward with plans to introduce a retro-styled entry-level car beneath the new 9-3. That is, provided the new investment works out.
"It wasn't in the business plan prior to the new investment, and now it is," Colbeck said, referring to the newest investment last week, which allowed Saab to pay its white-collared workers. Still, the automaker needs more investment money just to begin production, though the company maintains that it is on target with late August projections. As for the rest of the model lineup, the 9-4X crossover will debut this fall as a 2011 model, as will versions of the larger 9-5 sedan.'s take: It seems to us as though Saab talking about future product is sort of like dreaming about the mansion you'll buy once your lottery ticket pays off. It'd be nice to have more Saab models to choose from. But first, Saab has to actually survive long enough to build the cars it already has in its lineup. Source: Automotive News